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Frequently Asked Questions

Collected from all of our local clients over the last twenty years.

We hope this helps!

Financing My Wedding
with 413 Events-

We have all our US clients- local and across the nation- utilize this website for our financing portal.


This would be AFTER completing a 

"Get To Know US" consult FIRST.

We would walk you through

the easy steps to get started.


You would select the

*** FINANCED Version of the package you want.

It is a slightly more expensive package to cover the fees of the small loan that you will be taking out with the Financing Company. They are backed by an FDIC insured bank in the USA.  


You will be redirected to their EXTREMELY secure site, and asked a few simple questions. There is only a SOFT check on your credit and many are approved immediately, with no additional steps.

The amount that is available is loosely based on your credit score and history of payments.

If you have used them before,

which many of you probably have,

you have a higher probability of getting approved 

for a higher amount. 

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Why Don't You Provide Childcare?!

We are NOT nannies! 

While Bridget is a trained classroom professional in a past career, we do not offer this service due to MASSIVE liabilities.

We LOVE children, and welcome them anywhere- HOWEVER- we DO NOT take responsibility for anyone else's child. We have a ton of things we are doing during an event day, and having a kiddo requires more focus on them than on our jobs. 

We have literally TONS of ideas for you regarding child energy management during an event.


What is the difference between a Wedding Planner, a Day of Coordinator and
a Venue Coordinator?

A Day of Coordinator is someone who takes all of your work for your event, and makes all the moving parts throughout the day, run as smoothly as possible. This person is usually with you for the last

1-2 months prior to the event. 

A Wedding Planner is COMPLETELY different.

This person is usually with you from the

very beginning of the planning process,

and is either:

a. executing their own artistic view

with your tastes in mind OR

b. your combined vision for the day. 

A planner usually also includes the Day of Coordination service within your partial planning

or full planning package.

A Venue Coordinator is literally there to make sure you get into the venue, don't burn the place down, and get out without trashing the place. They may also do trash emptying, restocking lavatories, and emergency needs. 

This is NOT someone who runs your day- and if the venue does include this service- make sure they cover everything you may need in your venue service contract before you decide to use that option. 


Why Don't We Move Your Wedding Presents By Ourselves?

Liability. We simply don't. This is to protect our good names, staff, and our brand from any sort of theft or damage claims. This way, there is no chance

to question or even wonder about anything.


We recommend using a TRUSTED friend or close family member to man the gift table during the event, and be responsible for loading them into a

designated vehicle, post- event. 

We are absolutely here to help, and will be fully transparent, if we notice ANY SHADY things going on.

I Need Someone To Set Up For The Day of The Event. Do You Offer This Service?

Yes, we absolutely do! This is an additional add on charge, as we will bring more staffing to get it accomplished quickly.

It is included in our higher end packages.

This also requires a TON of extra labor on our parts. The day of is usually a 12-14 hour work day for us, so bringing help is crucial to our success. You can choose to add ceremony or reception set up, and/or tear down.

Tear down is simply that. It is NOT a cleaning service. We will gladly break down things to a table or two, with rentals on one and personal purchased decor on another. You will always be responsible for the cleaning portion.  There are companies that you can bring in to do just that. 

Beach Wedding
On a Video Call

How Can You Plan Our Wedding Through The Internet?

Through the power of technology, we can be with you every step of the way. We utilize Zoom, Google Docs, Aisle Planner, and our phones to be in constant contact with you. If you need us to research and find some amazing vendors in your area, we can help you narrow it down and give you tips for what to look for, common red flags to avoid and constant support, all from the Pacific Northwest. 

As of 2022- We do DEFINITELY travel within the USA.

As the world reopens, we will be back to travelling fully, we hope by 2023/24.


Until then, we will gladly help you navigate the pitfalls of international planning during a pandemic to the best of our abilities. We STAN a great travel wedding! 

What is our Refund/ Cancellation Policy?

For the LOCALS- if you are booking an in-person event- your booking fee secures your date on our calendar of events. Your Booking Fee is 50% of your package price, due upon signing contracts with 413 Events. This is non- refundable, and covers 1 reschedule.

We are always hiring, so not being available for your reschedule is highly unlikely, however, if we are not available for your reschedule date, we will refer to a handful of comparable, high quality Coordinators/Planners within our network of professionals we trust. 


Typically, if you pay in full prior to your package due date which is: 30 days prior for Day of Coordination, 60 days prior for Partial Planning, and 90 days prior for Full Planning. Your balance is refundable for any amount over your Booking Fee up to 30, 60 or 90 days out from your event- depending on your package with us, as mentioned above. 

For the Rest of the World- people booking our services online.


We render services based on use at Time of Service. If you have a package with multiple meetings, however many meetings you have not used will be refundable. If you have not taken advantage of any meetings and cancel the first meeting with 48 hours advance notice, all money will be returned

to you within 14 business days 

(depending on your bank and ours). It could be sooner than that- we just can't guarantee bank transfer times. 


If you no show a meeting, you will be charged that entire meeting price- a minimum of $125.00 up to $325 for design meeting. If you have a package, it will be deducted from your balance. This is non-negotiable.

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What is our

Fulfillment &

Shipping Policy?

At this time,  all fulfillment of our services are done via email, website, Zoom or in-person meetings, if you are local to Washington. We do not ship anything at this time. 

Terms & Conditions

We are an Equal Rights Opportunity Employer. We believe everyone should have a safe working space and feel valued. At any point, we have the right to terminate ANY contract due to any form of Harassment, Unsafe Working Conditions, Violence, Hate Crimes, Racist Behaviors, or unjustified bad Social Conduct. All of our contracts will go into this, and every single thing we may terminate for is common sense. All clients are walked through every word of our contracts as well. They initial each service, and our clauses in the contract. No second chances will be given, as we value our staff of excellent quality employees. We have never had to terminate a contract, and we hope we never will. 

All of our clients agree that in the event a dispute arises between 413 Events, LLC- DBA "Planned by 413", and our clients, we agree to meet and confer in Good Faith effort to resolve the dispute. In the event that the dispute is unable to be reconciled, both parties agree to seek Voluntary Unbound Arbitration, here in King County, in the State of Washington. 

We do travel anywhere in the World for events, starting 2023.

We assess travel fees for anything over 1 hr drive from Renton, WA. Currently, our 2022 Prices are $100 per hr each way, for up to 3 hours drive away from Renton, WA

(near Seattle, WA)

Over 3 Hrs. drive is $225 per hr.

If flights are required, we will deliver a full travel quote.

Travel Fees Cover: our time, flights, hotel, meals,

transportation, etc. 

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What is our

Privacy Policy?

Planned by 413 will never sell your information to anyone.

We always ask clients for permission to use the photo gallery from their event, and if they decline- it isn't photographed candidly or professionally by us. If they do agree, we have all clients sign a model release, allowing for us to use their images in perpetuity. We will only refer to clients as they have asked, ie. Couple, Bride & Groom, Groom & Groom, Bride & Bride, by their first names or only their last, when mentioning or featuring on our social medias or websites.


We never feature children without parent permission of that child and a model release from the guest, client, etc. We will never disclose their name or age, for the child's safety. 

We utilize Secure Checkout and Site Security through both and's security firewalls and digital certificate.

Our Payment portals are secured through Affirm, Wix Payments, WedPay via Aisle Planner, and VenMo. 

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