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5 Unexpected Expenses that Can Blow Your Budget

Since I was 18 years old, I have been involved in the Seattle Wedding Industry- and few things frustrate the almost 1000 couples that we have worked with more than the hidden or unexpected expenses.

The HUGE ones to look out for are:

1. Tipping On The Event Day.

A good rule of thumb is that licensed businesses prefer a great review, everywhere. In most cases, this is so much better than a tip, as it insures our business continues to grow!

Ask where your vendors are reviewed

ie. The Knot/ Wedding Wire, Facebook, Google.

If someone does an amazing job on your day, please make sure to share it with the business.

Tipping Rule of Thumb: Anyone who is staffing your event all day, delivering to your venue, and is service based like make up/hair/bartenders/servers/bussers- is traditionally who would be tipped. These can range from $20 per person to a percentage of the cost of service, and no, it's never required, but is always appreciated. Also, ALWAYS check your contracts to see if a gratuity has been auto-added into your cost. Catering and Bar Service typically do this. That way, their people are covered.

2. Event Insurance.

Almost all venues require this, and even if you are planning a backyard wedding- I cannot recommend this enough. This is YOUR protection against damage & destruction caused by your event, including over service by a bartender resulting in a DUI. Yes, you can absolutely be sued by someone who leaves your event intoxicated due to over service and causes an accident with someone else. We recommend Wedsafe or the Event Helper online. Their policies range from $100- $500 depending on guest count, and can cover up to $5 million dollars of complete mayhem occurring. They even cover you if someone is jumping in that cute all white bouncy house you just desperately needed and injure themselves. Trust us, lawsuits aren't cheap! This is better!

3. Rehearsal Dinner.

Rehearsals are a blast. Super helpful to your wedding party, and a great time to relax with your closest people before the Big Day. Most restaurants in the Post- CoVid world do not offer a Banquet room anymore. They just don't have the staffing right now. So, renting another venue- mid week- with deposits, food and beverage minimums, catering/bar staff; not to mention decor or any rentals; can get very expensive, very quickly. Traditionally, the couple's parents combine to cover the costs of this event, but if that isn't really an option- or this is a second go around for you; it's an added expense people often just forget about. Our best tip if this really isn't in the budget, take JUST the wedding party (your bridemaids/groomsmen) out to a decent dinner. This can be just for your friends,

is a fraction of the cost of planning an entire separate event

and there is nothing wrong with that.

4. Alterations

Whew! When we tell you that this is expensive, we mean it! A phenomenal seamstress is a rare find, and so few bridal places offer it in house anymore. We do see it commonly in men's fashion still, which is fantastic. Here's to hoping more amazing artists get into this field. This budget buster can often cost as much as the gown or tux itself, as it can represent many hours of detail work for the tailor or seamstress, and there are just so few businesses left out there. Budget at least 50% of your attire cost, up front, for alterations. Money Saving tip for our men out there, rent. You can buy, but a fully styled look online is usually only around $260, including accessories and shoes. Just make sure to get accurate measurements for everything, and update your order, if anything changes.

5. Day Of Beauty

We all want to look FABULOUS AF on our big days. PERIOD. Sometimes we forget that having someone get up super early to meet us onsite to make us the best version of ourselves, while we sip mimosas and laugh with our besties, is a LUXURY service. In the Seattle area, for the Bride alone- this can be $350+, and for a bridesmaid, upwards of $150+, not including travel fees. Gas is around $5 a gallon, and everyone's time is valuable. The best MUAH (make up and hair) artists book up fast, especially those that are credentialed, an esthetician (for your skin prep needs), and super talented. We highly recommend booking these people early and understanding that their service is art, and it is priced accordingly. Men, don't think I forgot about you. Many barbers in the Seattle area are starting to offer this service onsite at your getting ready locations. Just think how nice it would be to have a clean shaven face or tight look for the day of, and not have to do it yourself. If they don't, maybe consider booking you & your friends for a straight edge and hot towel shave for the day of at the barber's location. Who doesn't love a fresh cut, cleaned up beard or clean face?

We Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due!

Top Photo: Catherine Straume Photography,

Photos 2-6: Stock Photos,

If you would like to work with us, we are Seattle-based Wedding Planners and Coordinators, with almost 1000 weddings in our combined careers. We can plan from anywhere, travel everywhere, and have an extensive vendor partnerships. Please check us out at-

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